First white man under the 10 seconds barrier 
Christophe Lemaitre from France ran the 100 meters under the 10 seconds barrier on 9 july 2010, He has been the first white man to do so 42 years later the Jimmy Hines's world record. Christophe keeps on remaining  the only one until now (december 2016). Anyway the french record is held by  Jimmy Vicaut who is, of course, a black runner. 
Curiosities about kenian runners 
Chales Asati who ran the 100 meters's heats took the silver in the 4X400 relay at Mexico City 1968 Olympic Games and the gold in the 4X400 relay at Munchen 1972 Olympic games. At Munchen 1972 he arrived 4th in the 400 meters final behind Julius Sang. 
Julius Sang who also ran the 100 meters's heats took the gold in the 4X400 relay at Munchen 1972 Olympic games. At Munchen he took bronze in the 400 meters final where gold was taken by Vince Matthews (USA) who also took gold in 4X400 relay at Mexico City 1968 with Lee Evans, Larry James and Ron Freeman. 
Julius and Charles ran also the 200 meters heats at Mexico City. 
 National records established in Mexico City 1968 Olympic Games that keep on staying alive almost 50 years later (december 2017) 
18 oct. 1968   ETHIOPIA               BEZABEH TEGEGNE                                 400 M            45.42 
18 oct. 1968   SENEGAL               AMADOU GAKOU                                       400 M            45.01 
17 oct. 1968   ARGENTINA           JUAN CARLOS DYRZKA                            400 MH          49.82 
16 oct. 1968   AUSTRALIA            PETER NORMAN                                        200 M            20.06 
15 oct. 1968   AUSTRALIA            RALPH DOUBELL                                       800 M         1.44.40 
13 oct. 1968   MADAGASCAR      JEAN LOUIS RAVELOMANANTSOA          100 M             10.18 
16 oct. 1968   TANZANIA               CLAVER KAMANYA                                    400 M             45.74 
13 oct. 1968   TANZANIA               NORMAN CHIHOTA                                    100 M             10.57 
15 oct. 1968   MALAYSIA              J. MANIKAVASAGAM                                    200 M             20.92    
But someone keep on doing better.... 
03 sep. 1960  OUGANDA            JEAN BAPTISTE OKELLO                          100 MH           14.48 
07 sep. 1960  PANAMA                EQUIPE NATIONAL FEMMES                   4X100 M           46.66 (S. Hunte, C. Gooden, L. Dunn, J. Holmes-Mitchell) 
Three Mexico City runners ran even in another 100 meters Olympic Final: 
MEL PENDER (USA):         7th in Tokyo   1964, 6th in Mexico 1968 
HARRY JEROME (CAN):    3th in Tokyo   1964, 7th in Mexico 1968 
LENNOX MILLER (JAM):    2th in Mexico 1968, 3th in Munich 1972 
Others runners able to run the 100 meters final in two differents Olympic games: 
RALPH METCALFE  (USA)        Los Angeles 1932 2th, Berlin 1936 2th 
MCDONALD BAILEY (GBR)       London 1948 6th, Helsinki 1952 3th 
VALERY BORZOZ  (USSR)        Munich 1972 1th, Montreal 1976 3th 
ENRIQUE FIGUEROLA (CUB)   Rome 1960 4th, Tokyo 1964 2th 
PETAR PETROV  (BUL)              Montreal 1976 8th, Moscow 1980 3th 
MAURICE GREENE (USA)         Sidney 2000 1th, Athens 2004 3th 
ATO BOLDON  (TRI)                     Atlanta 1996 3th, Sidney 2000 2th 
FRANK FREDERICKS (NAM)    Barcelona 1992 2th, Atlanta 1996 2th 
LINFORD CHRISTIE (GRB)         Seoul 1988 2th, Barcelona 1992 1th (*) 
OBADELE THOMPSON (BAR)  Sidney 2000 3th, Athens 2004 7th 
KIM COLLINS (SKN)                    Sidney 2000 7th, Athens 2004 6th 
DAVIDSON EZINWA (NGR)        Barcelona 1992 8th, Atlanta 1996 6th 
CARL LEWIS (USA)                     Los Angeles 1984 1th, Seoul 1988 1th 
CHURANDY MARTINA (NDL)     Beijing 2008 4th, London 2012 6th 
RICHARD THOMPSON (TRI)      Beijing 2008 2th, London 2012 7th 
ASAFA POWELL (JAM)              Beijing 2008 5th, London 2012 8th 
YOHAN BLAKE (JAM)                 London 2102 2th, Rio de Janeiro 2016 4th. 
but only four were able to run the whole 100 meters final in three differents Olympic games: 
RAY STEWART (JAM)                Los Angeles 1984 6th, Seoul 1988 7h, Barcelona 1992 7th 
DENNIS MITCHELL (USA)        Seoul 1988 4th, Barcelona 1992 3th, Atlanta 1996 4th 
JUSTIN GATLIN (USA)               Athens 2004 1th, London 2012 3th, Rio de Janeiro 2016 2th 
USAIN BOLT (JAM)                    Beijing 2008 1th, London 2012 1th, Rio de Janeiro 2016 1th 
only one was able to take the three metal: gold, silver and bronze: 
JUSTIN GATLIN (USA)               Athens 2004 1th, London 2012 3th, Rio de Janeiro 2016 2th 
(*) LINFORD CHRISTIE was finalist in  Atlanta 1996 final but was disqualified because of  false  starts 
Charlie Greene    ran in lane 1 and arrived 3th 
Jim Hines            ran in lane 3 and arrived 1th 
Pablo Montes      ran in lane 2 and arrived 4th 
Lennox Miller       ran in lane 4 and arrived 2th 
Mel Pender         ran in lane 5 and arrived 6th 
Roger Bambuck  ran in lane 6 and arrived 5th 
but finally 
Harry Jerome             ran in lane 7 and arrived 7h 
J.L. Ravelomanantsoa ran in lane 8 and arrived 8th
Wearing socks 
Lennox Miller was the only one who wore socks and a Tshirt during Mexico City 1968 Olympic games 100 meters final.